The Slice of PI/O is a rebuilt Slice of Pi Raspberry Pi Expansion Board and comes fully loaded with the MCP23017 chip. This expansion board is very easy to assemble and perfect for expanding the GPIO abilities of the Pi from the standard header.

The Slice of Pi is a handy little PCB that plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and gives a convenient row of labelled standard 0.1 inch (2.54mm) headers for the built in GPIO, SPI and I2C pins, a small prototyping area and optionally headers for plugging in an XBee style wireless devices such as the XRF, XBee, RN-XV etc. To simplify using the the MCP23017 I/O Expander on the Raspberry Pi the Slice of PI/O was created by Nathan Chantrell.

The result is a simple plug in expander board that can provide up to 16 inputs or outputs that can sink or source up to 25mA each, more than the 16mA of the Pi’s own GPIO pins and safer, the MCP23017 costs less than £1 and if you do accidentally blow it up and can just be popped out and a new one popped in. The aim of the Slice of PI/O is to help provide a simple, low cost and relatively safe way for people to experiment with connecting other hardware to the Raspberry Pi.


  • Easy to build kit
  • Runs at 3v3 or 5v from the PI (red jumpr)
  • Runs off external power (remove red jumper and wire to pad "EXT POWER")
  • 4 wire daisy chain connector (PWR/GND/SCL/SDA)
  • Breakout for Interupt A & B
  • Daisy chain upto 8 for 128 I/O pins
  • 2 x 8 way 0.1" pitch layout for instant "vero-ability" of all 16 I/O's
  • 2 x 8 way 0.1" pitch common ground for ease of use.
  • 0.1uf decoupling capacitor

Build Guide and documentation can be found HERE

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Slice of PI/O - Breakout Board for Raspberry Pi

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