The Slice of Pi is a convienient 3 in 1 product. In addition to being a small break out board for the Raspberry PI pins, it has also a socket for a wireless module and a small prototyping area.

  • XBee style connector for XRF / XBee / RN-XV etc (the easiest way to add wireless to you Pi)
  • SPI and I2C pins to a standard 2.54mm pitch 8 way header (fast and easy access)
  • GPIO pins to a standard 2.54mm pitch 8 way header (fast and easy access)
  • Construction is very easy (suitable even for children with basic soldering skills)
  • Featured in popular publications (good base of knowledge around the board)
  • Easy to connect to 3v3, 5v0, GND, RX & TX (solder pads give fast access)
  • Available worldwide (many people now stock the board)


  • Gold plated finish (Protection against oxidization means your device will outlast normal HASL boards)
  • Comes as a complete "self solder" kit of parts
  • Upto 50ma at 3.3v can be drawn by the project or radio (do not exceed 50ma)
  • Has a pad to connect the XBee shaped device's SLEEP pin (pin 9)
  • Can support OTAMP (over the air micro programming) to another XRF family device that supports it (requires modification to AVR dude files)
  • Can be used to upload firmware to the XRF
  • Made in the UK



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Slice of PI Add-On

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