This is an adapter plate kit for Raspberry Pi board to SIM900 module, which allows users to easily connect Raspberry Pi and SIM900 module and extends GSM / GPRS function for Raspberry Pi to achieve additional features, such as message receiving and sending, phone call dialing and answering and GPRS wireless data communication, etc.

In Arduino, we use a GSM / GPRM library to implement a transparent operation on SIM900 module, you can have message receiving and sending and phone call dialing and answering functions by simply calling several functions, no need to understand the specific AT command set of SIM900 module. In order to facilitate customers to use our adapter plate kit, we ported the library into Raspberry Pi, and we will publish it on google code to share with you soon to make it easier to operate SIM900 module with Raspberry Pi, and users only need to worry about how to use GSM / GPRM functions to achieve cooler and prettier applications.



Board Color    Blue
Board Thickness    1.6mm
Base Material    FR-4
Board Size    35.2 × 19.9 × 18.5mm
Surface Finishing    HASL
Weight    30.00g
Model    IM130609001

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Raspberry Pi SIM900 GSM/GPRS Module Adapter Kit

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