Marlin configuration files: 

  • Based on Arduino 2560, compatible with RAMPS 1.4 pin configuration, All in one solution, small volume, especially suitable for MINI type 3d printers.
  • Provide a heating end, MAX 240W (here range according to MOS parameters)
  • Support the hot bed MAX 240W (maximum current is not more than 10A, recommended temperature below 100 degrees Celsius).
  • Power supply: 12 or DC 24V (can use notebook computer power supply or other switching power supply).
  • Two way temperature measurement (thermistor) input, one for the hotbed, one for the heater.
  • Six limit switches, 3 min, 3 max (six switches are recommended, which can avoid collision).
  • Reserved I2C expansion port, ESP-01 WIFI module interface to facilitate the user to add functionality.
  • One way adjustable fan interface, two power supply interface (can be used for fixed output of the fan or LED and other equipment).
  • The onboard TF deck, and perpendicular to the surface, beautiful and convenient place.
  • Integrated 2.4 inch 12864 display, can be achieved in Chinese or English (depending on the firmware).

  • The output voltage of heater, hotbed, FAN/LED and PWM fan is equal to the input voltage. These interfaces are 12V when using 12V power supply. These interfaces are 24V when using 24V power supply.
  • Limit switches are connected in S (signal terminal) /GND in default, used for mechanical limit switch (also can be connected with a photoelectric switch used in S (signal end)/GND/5V, this time need to change white transposon to the welding pin headers)
  • I2C interface, in order from left to right: SCL, SDA, GND, 5V.

ONE+ All-in-One Controller for 3D Printers

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