MotoMama is a Arduino shield based on L298N H-bridge driver chip.

You can use this shield to drive two DC motors or a four-wire two-phase stepper motor.
For power supply , power terminal on board is available – it will also power the Arduino board.  Or from the power jack on Arduino board, the shield will get the power from the Vin pin of Arduino and drive the motor using this power.

In many motor and robot project, you need to use the wireless communication, so on board we build a wireless area. Now you can directly put an XBee (or other XBee pins compatible module, like BTBee) and a nRF24l01 module on the board.

We lay-out the reset pins which not be used for LN298 and wireless on board, and they are all the AD pins of arduino, so you can use these pins as the sensor input or output.

We hope this design can be used as the motherboard of many small motor or robot project, because it has enough resources for wireless communication, sensor data acquisition  and some simple control, so we name it “MotoMama” : ) , not Motorola.

MotoMama not only can be used as a Arduino UNO or IFLAT shield, but also can be used as a DC driver platform, so we didn't assemble the pins on board, so that it will have more applicability - using the positioning hold on board, you can fix it on your robot chassis.


Datasheet of MotoMama v1.0

Schematic of MotoMama

Datasheet of L298N

Demo code for Arduino

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