• Easy GO PLA 1.75mm Pure White - Spool 1kg

Filament for printing with 3D printers.

PLA (poly-lactic acid in full) is a bio-based polymer made from starch.
The Easy Go system combines the exclusive design of our reels with one of the fastest and most innovative winding systems in the world: the fibre optic sensors define the exact position of the reel and they align it with the line of winding where the filament is wound on at one speed and with an axle movement that is calculated to the millimetre. This results in an excellent finish that allows the PLA to slide effortlessly throughout the print.

It solidifies quickly.

During the printing process, each layer must have cooled sufficiently before the print head deposits another layer of melted filament on top. Given our PLA solidifies quickly it provides better print quality for small-volume pieces without sacrificing speed.

Minimum deformation due to thermal stress.

Thermal stress is produced by temperature inequalities in various points of an object. In 3D printing, this results in the bulging of the first layers due to the thermal difference between the bed (room temperature) and the filament (about 190-220ºC). The thermal-stress deformation of our PLA is minimal, which helps reduce warping.

Excellent adherence even without a heated bed.

Using only the typical adhesion methods like lacquer, tape or fixpads, our PLA offers excellent adherence even without a heated bed.

Weight: 1Kg
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Coil size (diameter x width): 175 x 77 mm
Spool axle diameter: 44 mm
Enclosure: 187 x 187 x 83 mm
Composition: 100% PLA (Polylactic acid).

Optimum printing temperature: 205 ºC
Printing temperature range: 200-220 ºC
Safety sheet
Technical data
Commercial data

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Easy GO PLA 1.75mm Pure White - Spool 1kg

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