The Nema 17 60mm long stepper saves space and cost only half of a Nema 23 stepper, is a good choice for many high torque low speed applications. More powerful than the popular 2.8 V 1.68A RepRap stepper motor. To use 24VDC power supply stepper driver, this motor will have more torque output at high speed.


Motor Type Bipolar Stepper
Step Angle 1.8 degree
Holding Torque 0.65 Nm
Rated Current/phase 1.5A
Phase Resistance 2.7ohms
Recommended Voltage 12-24V
Inductance 6.5 mH±20%(1KHz)
Weight 450g
Dimensions: 60×42.3×42.3mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm

Package Content
1 x Nema17 Stepper motor with connector cable

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Nema 17 60mm 1.5A High Torque Stepper Motor

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