Workshop SOLAR MONSTERS @ Pavilhão do Conhecimento

The choreographer Rui Horta was invited to head Pavilhão do Conhecimento for a single day,
aptly named “Hoje Quem Manda Sou Eu”/ “Today I’m In Charge”.
So, November 27th was dedicated to dance, music and science – a day full of digital art, interactive installations, robotics, and creative electronics.

The programme featured installations by digital artists André Sier, Guilherme Martins, Rui Madeira, Victor Martins, and Marco Moura. It also involved workshops for kids, on creative electronics, storytelling, and plant growing.  Last but not the least, visitors were able to watch the shows Uma Bailarina/ A Dancer (Aldara Bizarro) and Local Geographic (Rui Horta).


We (me, Rita Carvalho, João Nogueira and Ana Isabel Dias) held a workshop on creative electronics to help kids learn electronics and soldering.
A low-cost kit based on Mark Tilden’s sun eater circuit was created especially for the event and 18 kids were able to build their own “Solar Monsters” during the two sessions of the workshop. The kit was developed so that it would be easily put together by kids from age 10.

The biggest challenge was to find a simple way for them to learn soldering electronic components.
I thought about using a circuit drawn on paper and then glued on wood, with copper nails serving as connecting points. The design of the circuit was an adaption from the one that Ralf Schreiber created for their workshops.



The workshop lasted about three hours. All the kids left happy, with their solar monster’s kit running 🙂


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