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Another collaborative digital fabrication service. This time the job was to print a mosquito, not a very nice one. It’s a kind of mosquito that transmits malaria to humans. We’ve asked Eleonora Aquilini, researcher at Instituto de Medicina Molecular-Lisbon, to tell us more about this project: “What would you say is the most dangerous animal on [...]

Dóing – Augmented Studio

Inspired by the Exploratorium's "Tinkering Studio" in San Francisco, Pavilion of Knowledge/ Ciência Viva - Portugal's largest science centre - developed "Dóing - Augmented Studio”. "Dóing" first opened its doors on July 25th, 2013 - Pavilion of Knowledge's 14th anniversary. The maker movement and of the DIY culture shaped the main ideas behind [...]

Minivegas + Artica + Champions League

Back in 2012, dutch production company MINIVEGAS asked Artica to create an arduino-based interactive hardware for an Adidas Campaign within the UEFA Champions League Final, to be held in Munich. Luc Schurgers was responsible for the art direction and Heimat/ Berlin was the creative agency behind the project. To cut a long story short, the fans of the two [...]

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