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Hacking a Pinball Machine

A few months ago some friends (digital artists) came to me asking to hack a Pinball Machine, they wanted to put the machine talking... First I had to fix it, as the machine came completely dead :( I have hacked it for about 2 weeks, trying to reverse engineering on the audio generator module but without any good results, so I decided to make a [...]

Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet Gameshow @ Codebits 2011

by Mauricio Martins, Tiago Rorke, Filipe Cruz, Tiago Farto and Ferdinand Meier Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet Gameshow is the name of our project entry for the 48h hack project of Sapo Codebits 2011. The aim of the competition was to develop a project during 48 hours and present it in 90 seconds to a live audience. Out of over 80 proposed projects, 65 [...]


Last month I attended the Interactvos?10 at Medialab Prado. It was an unforgettable experience where I learned a lot and made great contacts and friends. In many projects developed during the 18 day workshop I worked in three: Open Solar Circuits by DreamAddictive (Carmen González & Leslie García) (Mexico) Control Mental by Maurizio Dikdan [...]

Interactive Speakers

I am currently finalizing a project commissioned by Triplinfinito that is renovating a museum in the Azores. These are interactive devices, specifically speakers equipped with proximity sensors (Ultrasonic Sensors) to be installed on some theme rooms of the museum for enable visitors to hear sounds  when they enter these rooms. Interactivity very simple [...]

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