Interactive Speakers

I am currently finalizing a project commissioned by Triplinfinito that is renovating a museum in the Azores.
These are interactive devices, specifically speakers equipped with proximity sensors (Ultrasonic Sensors) to be installed on some theme rooms of the museum for enable visitors to hear sounds  when they enter these rooms. Interactivity very simple and basic but it always causes an impact.

Used in this project:

Ultrasonic Sensors
WaveShield Adafruit
TEAC  multimedia speakers for computers.

The adaptation of WaveShield in the PC speakers have solved two problems, the amplification of the audio output of WaveShield, which could be connected directly to a speaker, but the power is very low, and the power supply of Arduino that I took from the power supply of the amplifier.
Everything gets very functional.

Here are some photos of what is already done.

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