YARR (2014)

YARR - Yet Another RepRap

YARR – YET ANOTHER REPRAP! Indeed, it’s true: yet another CNC machine inspired by the open-source RepRap community. Only this time… we went the extra mile and came up with a machine… slightly bigger than usual. 🙂

LEDs&Chips’ makers – Alexandre Guerreiro, Ferdinand Meier, Maurício Martins & Tiago Rocha – developed YARR. YARR uses a cartesian movement platform core xy and possesses a system with interchangeable heads in order to facilitate switching between different functions: design, cut, mill and 3d printing.

Still, it is YARR’s 3D printing that impresses the most. Its work area allows printing largae-scale objects in hi-res. Nonetheless, the project’s main goal is to allow the fast-track printing of robust objects such as chairs and stools.

YARR can print large low-res objects five times faster than standard printers.


YARR Team:
– Joaquim Alexandre Guerreiro
– Ferdinand Meier
– Maurício Martins
– Tiago Rocha

Technical specifications



  • Built Version 7575
    Printer Dimensions: 1250(X) x 1250(Y) x 1250 mm(Z without bowden tupe support)
    Print Area Dimensions: 750(X) x 750(Y) x 750 mm(Z)
  • Built Version 5050
    Printer Dimensions: 1000(X) x 1000(Y) x 1000 mm(Z without bowden tupe support)
    Print Area Dimensions: 500(X) x 500(Y) x 500 mm(Z)


Mechanical Construction

  • OpenBuilds V-Slot aluminium frame
  • OpenBuilds Wheels carriages X, Y, Z
  • 4 motors Z Axis
  • Flexible aluminium coupling for threaded rods of Z Axis
  • 9 point print base levelling system with cushioning
  • Quick change system for multi tools head
  • Brushless Fans with axial ball bearings.


Print resolution

  • Very high: 60 microns
  • High 100 microns
  • Medium 200 microns
  • Low 300 microns


Extruder Mechanics

  • Custom extruder design
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • Heat-sinks with axial fan
  • Part cooling nozzle


Print speed

  • Recommended speed: 70 mm / s
  • Maximum recommended speed: 200 mm / s



  • Any RepRap electronics conforming to RepRap Interface Standard RIS 1. Default: RAMPS 1.4
  • LCD Panel with rotary encoder and push-button navigation for autonomous printing
  • Cold glass base (size:750 ​​x 750 x 4 mm)
  • Power supply: 220 AC 12 DC 100W
  • Thermistor 100k EPCOS
  • Heating element: 12V 40W



  • Firmware derivative Marlin
  • Recommended environment: Cura Software
  • Supported Files:. Gcode
  • OS supported:
  • Windows XP and above
  • Mac OS X and above
  • Linux



  • Standard SD card reader
  • USB Port Type B



  • Filament 1.75-mm

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