Last month I attended the Interactvos?10 at Medialab Prado.
It was an unforgettable experience where I learned a lot and made great contacts and friends.
In many projects developed during the 18 day workshop I worked in three:

Open Solar Circuits by DreamAddictive (Carmen González & Leslie García) (Mexico)
Control Mental by Maurizio Dikdan (Venezuela)

first meeting

Medialab Prado’s programme coordinator, Marcos Garcia in the first presentation.
There were so many events and easiest way to explain it was through the layers of a lasagna 🙂

Formed groups, the start of work.

The workshop.

Control Mental IceCap

IceCap and Control Mental: Final Projects


Working in my project proposal for Open Solar Circuits, the Solar Tracking System.

Solar Tracking System: Final Project

Interactivos?’10: Flickr Albuns

Interactivos?’10: Projects Showcase
Medialab Prado

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