Hacking MUJI Christmas Tree

This project was developed for the AZ Lab Meeting that took place on the weekend of 18-19 December.
I come up with the idea while shopping on the opening of the first Lisbon’s MUJI store.
Surrounded by so many stuff to buy, I stumbled upon this Christmas tree and figured out I could give it a new look with a few LEDs flashing on those tiny holes with just about the right size!

The AZ Lab Meeting proposes several activities, like Sprints, Test Tubes, Workshops, etc.
It occurred to me that I could try to make a mini-sprint “Hacking MUJI Christmas Tree”.
It was all much easier starting with this circuit 😉

For this hack, I used the following components that you can buy for less than 8 euros.

MUJI Red Acrylic Christmas Tree
Resistors: 10k, 470k
Capacitor: 0.1µF
Integrated Circuit: 4060B
LEDs × 18, 3mm diameter, any mix of colours: red, orange, amber, yellow or green
Battery clip for 9V

Here’s the final result!

Video: Mauricio Martins & Tiago Serra
Music: Merry Christmas – Japanese!

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