Dóing – Augmented Studio

Inspired by the Exploratorium’s “Tinkering Studio” in San Francisco, Pavilion of Knowledge/ Ciência Viva – Portugal’s largest science centre – developed “Dóing – Augmented Studio”. “Dóing” first opened its doors on July 25th, 2013 – Pavilion of Knowledge‘s 14th anniversary. The maker movement and of the DIY culture shaped the main ideas behind “Dóing”, a 500 m2 interactive space designed to instill creativity and to foster active education. Visitors – young visitors, mostly – are invited to have fun and explore a creativity-driven repository of materials, machines, experiments, and technologies.

LEDs & Chips partnered along with designer studio Toyno and Pavilion of Knowledge, for a year or so, in order to develop such space. We visited San Francisco’s Exploratorium, did a lot of research together and started building the many small areas within “Dóing” and creating different experiments, devices, and activities. Slowly, a haven for teachers, educators, scientists, artists, craftsmen, researchers, technology buffs, geeks and young makers was brought to life.

Since an early stage, “Dóing” was divided into two big areas. The “Tinkering Area” was built around activities that make use hand skills. Visitors are able to explore electrical circuits, test the aerodynamics of paper aircrafts, and engage in many more appealing activities (Wind Tubes, Marble Machines, Scribbling Devices). In the “Makerspace/ Learning Area”, on the other hand, visitors are allowed to bring their own projects to life. Clothes can be geared up by electric components, 3D printers can be used to create objects from scratch, tools are available in order to assemble and build a wide array of gadgets. In addition, many non-permanent activities and workshops are prepared for the studio (Cardboard Automata, Paper Circuits, Jitterbugs, Littlebits, MakeyMakey, Wearables).

LEDs & Chips added to the mix our expertise regarding creative electronics, physical computing, 3d printing, digital fabrication and such technologies. It took quite a few months of hard work but we were able to design a broad set of devices, gadgets and educational activities to ignite creativity and boost imagination. We also supplied equipment, tools and components to keep the engines running. “Dóing” grew to be a reference for the Lisbon maker community and we’re very proud to be a part of it.

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