Diário Sonoro, João Bento @ Cidade PreOcupada

João Bento is a portuguese sound and visual artist. “Sound Daily Project”/ “DIÁRIO SONORO” is a project Bento developed for 2014’s edition of “CIDADE PREOCUPADA“, a festival curated by Oficinas do Convento in Montemor-o-Novo. LEDs & Chips gave a hand with the physical computing, combining the usage of push buttons, mp3 players and the arduino platform.

Wood-366 push buttons outputs. Electric cables. Headphones. Arduino and mp3 players. In 2012 I decided to record everyday sounds. In this sound installation we can listen conversations (with friends, family or unknown people), sound creations develop in artistic collaborations, the flea market of “Feira da Ladra” in Lisbon, the weekly market of my small home town, the streets of New Delhi , the sea in Goa, the chanties of monks in Himalayas, the wind in the Strait of Gibraltar and many other sounds. This project started from the desire to organize my recordings, being a vehicle for research and study of daily memories recordings, exploring how to capture, reproduce and map these same sounds.” João Bento

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