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Kinetic Solarbots

Kinetic Solarbots from Tiago Serra on Vimeo. FLED-based solar engine: Solarbotics Mark Tilden Plastic: Shemelzolan Photos: Flickr Album - Mauricio Martins Rita Carvalho Tiago Serra Based on Schmelzolan Robot workshop @ Mediamatic [...]

Interactive Speakers

I am currently finalizing a project commissioned by Triplinfinito that is renovating a museum in the Azores. These are interactive devices, specifically speakers equipped with proximity sensors (Ultrasonic Sensors) to be installed on some theme rooms of the museum for enable visitors to hear soundsĀ  when they enter these rooms. Interactivity very simple [...]

Hello World!

My intention with this blog is to share and document the results I get from my experiences and research. I will also leave many suggestions of where to find and buy good stuff for all sorts of innovative projects in the areas of electronics creative, interactive interfaces, robotics, etc.. Hope you all enjoy and take advantage of the information I am about [...]

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