• Z-axis Motor Coupling 5mm / 8mm
A flexible coupler with a 5 mm bore on one side and 8 mm on the other side, ideal for connecting a NEMA17 motor to a M8 threaded rod.
Usually, flexible couplers have either a set screw, or a slit that forms two jaws that can be tightened with a screw.  This coupler has both, which is an advantage.  Using both mechanisms to tighten it helps keep it centered, especially when the object it tightens around is slightly smaller than the nominal diameter (M8 thread, for instance, is hardly ever fully 8 mm in diameter).
Overall dimensions: length 25 mm, diameter 20 mm (jaw tightening screws protrude slightly).
Material: aluminium alloy, steel.

Z-axis Motor Coupling 5mm / 8mm

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