• Complete Set of Prusa i3 Rework Plastic Parts

Delivery Time 1 ~ 5 Days

This KIT comes with the following parts:

  • PLA plastic parts for Single Plate frame Prusa i3 Rework:

    1x X Carriage
    1x X End Idler
    1x X End Motor
    1x Y Belt Holder
    4x Y Corner
    1x Y Motor
    1x Y Idler
    1x Z Axis Top Left
    1x Z Axis Top Right
    1x Z Endstop Holder
    1x Z Axis Bottom Left
    1x Z Axis Bottom Right
    3x Arduino Washer
    1x Wade Extruder Body (to fit J-head hotend / 3mm filament )* - Printed in ABS
    1x Extruder Idler
    1x Big Gear (to fit standard M8 hobbed bolt - 13mm head size)
    1x Small Gear
    1x Fan Duct

* 1.75mm version on request

Your kit will contain all the i3 parts in the quantity needed. 
We produce high quality parts that fit right , look great ,and work correctly.

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Complete Set of Prusa i3 Rework Plastic Parts

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