• 1.75mm REAL PETG - Opaque Red - spool of 1Kg


temperature: 245 °C

Nozzle temperature: 245°C - 250°C

Heated bed temperature: 30°C


Printing properties

Diameter tolerance: 0.05mm

Diameter: 1.75mm

Food safe: Yes

Color: Red

Heated bed temp. - Print sticker: 0-30ºC

Temperature - heated bed: 0 - 50ºC

Temperature - extruder: 230 - 250ºC

Filament type:  PETG

Spool dimensions

Length filament: 340m

Weight filament: 1000g

Weight spool: 300g

Width: 85mm

Inner diameter: 60mm

Outer diameter: 160mm

1.75mm REAL PETG - Opaque Red - spool of 1Kg

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