This is a kit pack that gives you all of the basic thru-hole components you will need to get started playing with embedded projects. This assortment of parts makes a great gift for beginner and advanced electronics nerds! 

The Pack List:

1/4W Resistore 100Ω * 10Pcs
1/4W Resistore 330Ω  * 10Pcs
1/4W Resistore 1KΩ   * 10Pcs
1/4W Resistore 10KΩ  * 10Pcs
Capacitor 22PF   * 10Pcs
Capacitor 102PF  * 10Pcs
Capacitor 103PF  * 10Pcs
Capacitor 104PF  * 10Pcs
Diode H4007 * 5Pcs
Transistors S8550 * 5Pcs
Transistors S8050 * 5Pcs
Led 3mm Red   * 5Pcs
Led 3mm Green * 5Pcs
LM358  * 1Pcs
Potentiometer * 1Pcs
Buzzer * 1Pcs
Button * 2Pcs
Switch * 2Pcs
Roller Ball Tilt Swtich through hole version * 2Pcs
Light Sensor * 1Pcs
Resistive humidity sensor * 1Pcs
2.54mm 40Pin Male Header * 1Pcs
Double-sided Components Box *1Pcs

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Basic Parts KIT for Arduino

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