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Open design to enable unlimited growth

The Ciclop 3D scanner is a 100 % open source project. As with all products of the BQ DIY ecosystem, Ciclop and Horus have been released under CC-BY-SA and GPL licence. All information on the mechanical design, the electronics and the software have been made freely available to the community, to become part of the Technological Heritage of Humanity. The aim is not just to study the scanner and understand how it works. We want the community to be involved and to make modifications, improvements and developments using Horus. We are committed to free knowledge and we want to use it to contribute to and drive forward the development of these devices.

Ciclop Horus Firmware


Easy to build and open to improvement

Ciclop is a 3D rotational laser triangulation scanner. It uses 2 lasers projected over an object to capture the geometry and texture as it rotates on a turntable.

Ciclop has been designed with the setup process in mind. The kit includes all the necessary pieces and a step-by-step assembly guide, enabling you to set it up in less than an hour.


Ciclop observes, Horus recreates

The Horus software is a multi-platform application developed by BQ under GPL licence. The Horus interface can be used to calibrate the scanner, adjust the camera exposure or view the point clouds generated.

Ciclop interacts with Horus via three workbenches: one to Control the components (camera, lasers, motor and LDR), one for Calibration of the scanner and one for Scanning.



Auto-calibration, our differential value

Ciclop is a DIY scanner and, as it is set up manually, the distances and positions of the elements of the final product are different, making it difficult to calibrate the device. This system has been designed to calculate the internal scanner settings automatically using the structure set up by the user, by auto-calibrating correctly. This means that we can guarantee a good result every time you scan.



The core of Ciclop: the electronics

The ZUM BT-328 board, based on ArduinoTM, includes improvements and better features than other similar boards, which make it the best option for developing electronics projects. ZUM BT-328 executes the control firmware of the motor and the lasers.

ZUM SCAN,a shield derived from Arduino CNC Shield, is connected at the top of the scanner.


A scanner for creative minds

Ciclop is focused on the open-source software community, makers, artists and developers that are keen to learn, research, improve and make the most of 3D scanning.


Scan, modify and bring it to life

The BQ DIY ecosystem expands with Ciclop, the latest addition. Combining it with the Prusa i3 Hephestos or any 3D printer enables you to go one step further and convert the projects that you scan using Ciclop and Horus into tangible objects.



    • 450 x 330 x 230 mm

    • 2.25 kg

    • Scanning precision: 0.5 mm
      Steps per rotation: 1600 max
      Maximum supported weight: 3 Kg
      Scanning time (configurable): 2-8 min
      Scan volumen: (Ø) 250 x (H) 205 mm

    • Logitech C270 HD camera
      12 V 1.5 A power supply
      Controller board: ZUM BT-328
      Two Class 1 line lasers
      Micro-USB cable
      Power board: ZUM SCAN Shield

    • Nema stepper motor (1.7 A 1.8 deg/step)
      Ø200 x 8 mm methacrylate base
      Threaded rods
      Rectangular methacrylate pattern
      16014 axial ball bearings
      Ø200 mm non-slip surface
      PLA printed pieces

    • Horus 100% open software
      Output files: ply
      Firmware control by gcodes
      Comprehensive multi-platform solution: Linux, Windows

    • Controller board: USB and Bluetooth
      Camera: USB

    • Setup guides

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