• 1.75mm smartABS - Black

smartABS is a German engineered low-warp ABS desktop 3D printer filament. As its name implies, smartABS is an evolved variant of “normal” ABS. smartABS is as hard and resilient as normal ABS, but has some remarkable benefits compared to printing with normal ABS filament. Printing with smartABS filament means that you will have 90% less failure caused by warping, as the bonding between the layers is much better. This excellent interlayer bonding with smartABS filament can be obtained because smartABS has 30% less warp than normal ABS. This unique feature makes smartABS perfect for printing large(r) objects.

smartABS is developed for all FDM/FFF technology based desktop 3D printers. smartABS prints best at approximately 250°C.

Product Specifications

Our smartABS filament is available in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter, has a natural white colour and comes on a spool with approximately 500 grams of smartABS filament wrapped around it. Our spool-wrapped smartABS filaments are vacuum sealed.

Filament Net Weight:

0.5 Kg ± 2%

Spool Size (D x h):

200 mm x 55 mm

Spool Hub Diameter:

52 mm

Packaged weight

1 Kg 



Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene




1.75 mm

Diameter Tolerance:

+0.15mm / -0.15 mm

Ovalidity Tolerance (max):

± 5%

Density (21.5°C):

1060 kg/m³

Melting Temperature:


Print Temperature Guideline:


Print Speed Guideline:

Comparable with ABS

Glass Transition Temperature:


Impact Strength:

15 KJ/m2

Tensile Modulus:

2000 MPa

Yield Strength:











Recommendations for printing smartABS filament

  • If foam comes out of the nozzle, the material has to be dried at ~ 75°C for two hours.

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1.75mm smartABS - Black

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