Gradient colored filament.

This is the high quality REAL PLA filament you are used to, but with a cool gradient color fade between the Autumn colors: Red, Orange, Green and Brown. These colors create a cozy forest like styled prints. One spool has circa 10 cycles of color transitions,  resulting in about 30 meters per cycle.

About REAL Fusion

The REAL Fusion line consists of high quality spools of gradient colored filament. We have managed to automate the color powder addition to the extrusion process, resulting in a very stable color transition between different colors. This enables you to do more with filament and can be used to highlight aspects of your print, giving it a more appealing look without any additional effort.  You can control the color flow by starting at a certain color, and reducing or increasing the infill.

Temperature settings

You only can print with the right temperature settings. The temperature setting can be different on your type of extruder. This is depending on the heat transfer from the extruder to the filament so you can use this as guideline but please adjust it to your own extruder.

Melting temperature: 175 °C
Nozzle temperature: 190°C - 200°C
Heated bed temperature: 30°C


Printing properties

Diameter tolerance 0.05 mm

Diameter 1.75 mm

Specialty Gradient 

Food safe Yes

Color Autumn 

Heated bed temp. - Print sticker 0-30 °C

Temperature - heated bed 0 - 50 °C

Temperature - extruder 190 - 210 °C

Filament type PLA

Spool dimensions

Length filament 330 m

Weight filament 1000 g

Weight spool 300 g

Width 85 mm

Inner diameter 60 mm

Outer diameter 160 mm

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REAL PLA 1.75mm - Fusion Autumn - spool of 1Kg

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